<H1>Los Angeles Music Lab | Sound and Creation Sutdio</H1> <tr> <b>Crative sound studio in Los Angeles.</b> <tr> <b></b><br><b></b><br>Welcome to this website where you can listen to some of my most recent music, songs and sound design. I am currently based in Los Angeles where I have founded the L.A. Music Lab, giving myself a place to work and providing theater, film and television with a full range of services from sound design to original music for their productions. It is also a place where other composers and songwriters can come and work with my assistance on their own projects. L.A. Music Lab is available in Los Angeles for all your sound work: recording, editing, mixing, mastering, programming, orchestration... We can work together in L.A. or, if you live elswhere, I frequently work over the Internet. Please use the sliders over there ---> and mix my music (you can also set the general volume). I wish you an enjoyable visit.<br><br><b>News: Petite musique de nuit</b><br>A Little Night Music<br> A piano lesson goes bad, or does it? Original score and musical sound effects by Edward Auslender.<br><br> <tr> <tr> <P>This website requires </P><a href="http://www.adobe.com/fr/downloads/">Adobe Macromedia Flash Player</a><tr><P>Website created by </P><a href="http://www.artinbox.com">Artinbox Multim&eacute;dia</a> <p><b>Los Angeles Music Lab | Sound and Creation Sutdio Crative sound studio in Los Angeles.</b></p>